Tuesday, January 15, 2008


RM6580! A pledge of a set of readable encyclopedia is added to the list. Let's see what else we can do.

This project reminded me of my first build-a-library-for-a-village project when I was 19.Together with a bunch of like-minded friends, we decided to do it on our own. Without any help from college administration, we climbed up the Ministry of Sports and Youth to ask for sponsorship. We wrote letters to local publishers seeking books sponsorship. At last we got RM9000 worth of sponsorship from the ministry and boxes of books donated by Fajar Bakti, DBP,Fargoes etc.

We even invited the Minister of MARA of that time, Tok Pa, to officiate our launch do in our college much to the dismay of college administration as we didn't go through proper channel, as what they said. What to do, if we go through college, it would take us 3 weeks to reach Tok Pa's desk.

So what we did was, through a reliable contact ( his daughter who happened to be our college mate) , we got his phone number. I could still remember how 'gabra' I was, speaking to a Minister one early morning to ask him to come to officiate of launch do. He came and do whatever necessary much to our surprise.

With that RM9000, we build a library for a village up north in Padang Terap, Kg. Banggol Sembilan located just few miles from the border of Thailand near a small pekan of Padang Sanai.

Not only that, we provided scholarship of pocket money for poor schoolchildren - enough for them to continue to secondary school.

Who says 19-years-old group of teenagers cannot do wonders? I leave this anecdote for Muiz to ponder.


lady pot pet said...

Best kan buat kerja macam ni semua...you inspire me more!!

Akmal said...

Salam Bro Is.
All right bro! Way to go. I can see you and Mueiz made contact, no? We'll try to come up with something over here.

drbubbles said...

kak ahnis: kami main redah aje..learnt great lessons along the way.really it was an enriching experience.

akmal: dah contact dia....welcome you help very much!

The Queens of Hughie said...


Aku nak minta tolong ni, Norizah masa kat Malaysia tak dapat cari buku abang wan, coz dia kata dah habis, since abang wan nak ada book signing 20 Jan ni, can you get me one copy.

Aku duk mengidam habis nak baca buku tu la!!!!

Nanti aku bank-in duit kat hang..

FiSHY@iKe said...

Salam dr b! Firstly, congratz for the noble deeds that you've done during your early days, that really inspires me to do something during this time of my age. As akmal said, we'll try to come up with something later because as you mentioned based on your experience the bureaucracy here in college was maybe one of the challenges that we should overcome first. InsyaAllah, pray for our success, :D

p/s: akmal and me maybe will be following you this coming 1st February, will talk to you about it later when we have the time ya? Take care!

drbubbles said...

nani: dah bagitau the author's wife.esok next batch of book sampai.sure can get you a signed copy.Norizah balik for good ka?

muiz: biasalah tu bro...college bureacracy can be quite frustrating.itu pasal kami buat sendiri.

yes..i need you guys...err..to assemble the book shelves.hahahaha...

akula said...

From my experiences, VIPS are approachable and easy to talk too. Its their balachi's who are not.