Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Projek Perpustakaan:Derma Buku melalui ummikusayang.com

Anda jua boleh membeli buku di ummikusayang.com dan mendermanya untuk projek perpustakaan ini.Buku-buku yang diderma akan disimpan oleh pihak ummikusayang.com nanti sebelum saya datang ke sana untuk mengambilnya kelak.

Tarikh akhir untuk membelinya ialah 9 Mei 2008.Anda boleh beli buku secara online atau datang ke terus Ummiku Sayang Books & Boutique di USJ10,Subang Jaya.

Terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada elisataufik dan pihak ummikusayang.com kerana sudi membantu dalam hal ini.


rajawali said...


Caieja said...


can i link your post to my page?

do you need more volunteers for ur projects?

tajudin said...

i link your blog and hope it helps.

may Allah bless you and team.

drbubbles said...

rajawali: thanks for 'singgah'.

caieja: yes.no problem.Need people to collect books from their relatives & friends. Books should be in good conditions and suitable for young readers from age 7 to 17.
BM or English would be OK.

sdra tajudin: thanks!

Manal said...

Bro, since u left your old company, now its about HIGH time u start up your own charity company, and get those govt, GLC, NGO etc loan to get it up and running.

That way, we can send the donation to your company so that the donation ads will go public with wider acknowledgement.

Then again, BLOG itself is already a crucial ad media now that more n more barisan fellas creating their own blog site.

U keep it bro, we are right behind u, physically or money-wise laa (as well as publicity)..., whichever way we can offer to help within our capacity n limitations.

drbubbles said...

manal: in deep thought on your suggestions..

n.i. said...

Dear kind sir,

I have linked ur blog to mine... hope it's ok... :-)

elisataufik said...

no problem, belanja air liur aje.